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Work With Us

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Great News – We’re Hiring!

The Sartorial Scout is a complete fashion news and style destination for the modern gentleman and fashion enthusiast alike – so why not be a part of this growing demand for menswear fashion?

Editorial – News Team Intern

The Sartorial Scout is looking for fashion creatives who would like to join our editorial team by guest contributing on a consistent and voluntary basis. For those of you who want to break into the fashion industry – be it as a designer, stylist or even a journalist – then showing you understand the menswear genre and can communicate that to an online audience is a fantastic place to start.

The great thing about our editorial team is that it has no geographical limitations. We do not have one physical office, so you will be able to contribute from home and fit it in and around your own lifestyle. Therefore, we accept applications from writers across the globe so you DO NOT have to be UK-based.

Our news bulletins consist of around 150-300 words and detail the latest collections, the newest collaborations, store openings, menswear fashion week coverage, and seasonal advertising campaigns. These types of articles are best suited to those who take great pleasure in writing about men’s fashion, but want to cover a variety of topics each week.

If you are a passionate writer with a concise style and extensive vocabulary, and are able to write at least two articles per week – this opportunity is for YOU.

To get in touch, please email us at with a short CV and writing experience i.e. internships, your blog/website address/es.

The Sartorial Scout looks forward to hearing from you.

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